Project February: Solace

Most people make their New Year resolutions in January. This isn’t so much a resolution as something that will be good for me in the long run. I’m trying to make a game a month for the next year. Some months I’ll put in more effort than others. Some months I’ll return to older games and jazz them up or perhaps port them to another system.

During January I attended a talk in Glasgow with Steve Brown from Lionhead. He was talking about audio in games and how they build up the audio for a specific character or set of events. I came away from the talk having decided that my February project would have something to do with audio.

“Project February: Solace” is a game that’s all about sound. The objective is just to get from one end of the level to the other, using audio cues to find your way as there are no lights. There’s a guide cat who jingles her bell when she’s moving and meows at you when she’s waiting. There are also coins to collect to increase your score, and they also have their own sound. This is a game it’s best to play with a pair of headphones.

Of course you can always cheat and turn the lights on!

The game is online now if you’d like to have a go. It can either be played in your browser or via a downloadable Windows executable.

Engine: Unity 4.6
Code Language: C#

Game locations:
-Link incoming-
-Link incoming-

Game Controls:

A + D: Rotate
W + S: Forward/Backwards
Q + E: Strafe
L: Lights on/off

I’d also like to thank all the people who make assets available for┬áthose of us who lack the skills to make them ourselves!

Extra Credits:
Footstep Sounds: Yoyodaman234
Meowing Sounds: peridactyloptrix
Bell Sounds: vedas
Beach Ambience: Benbojangles
Garden Ambience: snowcrane
Cave Ambience: xDimebagx
Coin Chimes: Robinhood76
Collect Coin: bradwesson
Terrain Textures: Goodtextures

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