Project April: Sugar Shot

This month’s game (brought to you DURING the month!) is a product of Ludam Dare #32. Ludum Dare is a tri-yearly game competition that challenges devs to make a game from scratch in 48 hours. There’s also a jam that allows pre-made assets and 72 hours for completion. Sugar Shot is a result of the jam, and as a result is a little buggier than I would like. I’ll probably keep working on it and polishing it up for the next week, but the most recent builds will always be here. 🙂

Sugar Shot is a small cutsie platformer where you shoot cupcakes with spoons and collect glazed cherries for health and points!

If you also took part in Ludum Dare #32 and would like to vote for Sugar Shot, you can find it here!


Engine: Unity 4.6.2f1
Code Language: C#

Game locations:
Windows Build
Mac Build
Linux Build

L-Mouse – Fire
A+D – Left+Right movement
Space – Jump

==Win/Lose Conditions==
Win – Reach the candy cane at the right side of the level
Lose – Your hearts are reduced to 0

Player –!/content/18705
Cupcakes –
Other Graphics –
Background Music –
Spoon Shoot Sound –
Cupcake Death Sound –
Collectible Sound –

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